Receipts & Expenditure Account

(For the period ended 31st March 2016)

*Janaagraha receives very valuable in-kind contributions from various donors. However, for the purposes of financial reporting, we have included only software and hardware receipts, whose values have been fully certified by our auditors. For specific details of our contributions, kindly refer to ‘Notes to Accounts’ in the audited financial statements.

Amount in Rs.
  Donations   70,245
  Project Specific Donations   11,519
  Other Income   12,882
  Certified In kind    51,365
  Total   146,011
Amount in Rs.
   Civic Learning:
  Bala Janaagraha   50,365
  Civic Participation:
  Community Policing   10,753
  Jan Sabhas/Participatory   Budget   9,248   35,726    5,642
  Janayukta   2,667
  Advocacy & Reforms
  Advocacy   10,592
  Reforms   268
  Research & Insights
  Research   7,308
  Proof   4,563
  Open Works   7,517
  Planning & Development
  Development   13,410
  Marketing &   Communications
  M & C   7,459
  Depreciation   2,209
  Certified In kind   59,134
  Excess of Receipts over   expenditure   12,106
  Total   238,966