Parliament Question Analysis - Focus on Urban

Presented below is the analysis which pertains to the questions raised by the Members of Parliament in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to the Ministry of Urban Development. This will give a perspective on the significance garnered by the subject, “urban”, in parliament discussions. The analysis was done for the 16th Lok Sabha and the corresponding sessions in Rajya Sabha till the recent monsoon session (excluding the monsoon session). For ease of analysis the questions are broadly classified into nine categories: Funds, grants and schemes; Land and housing; Law and urban governance; Planning; Infrastructure and services; Environment and sustainability; Transparency and accountability; Crime and Safety and Others. During the period 827 questions were raised in Lok Sabha and 738 in Rajya Sabha to the Ministry of Urban Development. In case of questions raised by a group of MPs, only the first name is considered for analysis. Please click here to download the data in excel format