January 2016
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Wish you a very Happy New Year! We are happy to share results of our Street Quality Score 2015 for Bangalore. The results showcase the quality of infrastructure and services in the city at a street level. We hope the survey will provide objective data to catalyze change in our cities.

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Srikanth Viswanathan
Coordinator - Advocacy and Reforms

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Leveraging Municipal Bonds for Smart City Projects
Municipal bonds are more relevant than ever in the current context of plugging the urban infrastructure deficit. While the government has taken steps to encourage the municipal bonds market in India, there needs to be deeper policy reform that can effectively jumpstart the municipal bond market. Read more here


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Janaagraha Launches Campaign for Participatory Budgeting
MyCityMyBudget is a campaign by Janaagraha to enable citizen participation in Bangalore’s budgeting process. Through this campaign, citizens can submit their suggestions for what they would like to see featured in the city budget. Access the online form here



Bangalore Street Quality Survey 2015
Our Street Quality Score (SQS) survey will provide data on the availability and quality of infrastructure and services by street, neighbourhood and ward. In addition to providing information to citizens on the public utilities in their neighbourhood, SQS will also help to catalyse smart budgeting for the city, expand citizen engagement and monitor works at the hyper-local level. Read the report here


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Institutionalising Citizen Participation
Democracy is as much about people’s participation between elections as it is about voting. A survey of 4,000 residents conducted jointly by Brown University and Janaagraha suggests that overall public engagement in Bangalore is significantly limited beyond the voting booth.There is a need for institutionalising citizen participation in urban India for better governance. Read more here


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